Strengthening Connections to Improve Policy and Management!




Strengthening Connections To Improve Policy and Management!

The Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise strengthens connections among government, business, academic, and nonprofit sectors in order to address complex public policy problems and speed improvements in the management and delivery of public services. The Center focuses on areas impacted by public-private linkages: including, government sourcing, supply chain management, national security, and economic competitiveness.

In response to today's complex problems, the delivery of public services is increasingly shared among sectors. The Center enhances the understanding and value of these important interrelationships. Operating at the nexus of public and private interests, the Center convenes leaders across sectors, researches and adapts best practices, develops policy recommendations, and influences decision-makers.
Center Program Areas
  • Connecting Government, Business, Academic and Nonprofit Communities"
  • Modernizing Government Supply Chain Management"
  • Identifying Government Sourcing and Acquisition Best Practices"
  • Transforming National and Homeland Security"
  • Enhancing Innovation and Economic Competitiveness (e.g., biotechnology industry)"
Center Activities
  Research, case studies, books, reports, and articles
Filling a gap in available data and providing valuable publications to support initiatives that address complex policy problems.

Forums, seminars and workshops

Convening and engaging senior leaders from government, business, nonprofits and universities to examine best practices, develop solutions and policy recommendations, and enhance effective cross-sector collaboration. 
  Graduate courses, graduate research assistantships and internships
Preparing current and future leaders to work more effectively within and across sectors.
Center Leadership and Expertise
The Center is directed by the Honorable Jacques S. Gansler, who teaches and holds the Roger C. Lipitz Distinguished Chair in Public Policy and Private Enterprise, established through a generous gift "to bring experience in public and private sectors into the classroom and to improve the mutual undertanding of government and business." Dr. Gansler brings entrepreneurial and leadership skills from his vast experience in both the public and private sectors, most recently as Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.

He is joined at the Center by a team of staff, researchers, fellows and graduate assistants with experience working in and across government, business, nonprofit and civic organizations, as well as in key policy issue areas ranging from acquisition to national security.

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